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Grey Rock Casino About



The Grey Rock Casino is a modern, state-of-the-art casino that provides a resort experience on the Madawaska Maliseet First Nation in New Brunswick. The Grey Rock Casino is one of the many attractions located in the Grey Rock Power Center. Its name is influenced by the grey rocks that can be found on the mountains surrounding the power center.

On arrival, you are welcomed with a 40-foot totem pole portraying the legendary Glooscap and his spirit friends. Inside, you’ll surely be inspired by the natural beauty of our traditional territory. The interior décor blends wood, stone, and earth tones to create an appealing gaming environment with over 250 slot machines and electronic table games. Enjoy a fun-filled evening then stay the night at the Quality Hotel; just walk straight through the enclosed pedway and take the elevator to bed! 

We offer a variety of dining options; the Fiddlehead café is on the main floor serving tasty breakfasts and your casual dining favorites. Named in honor of Maliseet history, fiddleheads have adorned Maliseet Nation canoes, wigwams, and clothing long before any written record. Our Casino bar lounge is also on the main floor and is a hub for live music and lively conversation.

On the second floor, the Valley View Restaurant offers an upscale steakhouse experience showcasing some of the best ingredients in our region. Enjoy the views from the mezzanine; look down on the gaming floor and be dazzled by our elegant, twinkling custom-made chain chandeliers. A landscape of the Bay of Fundy, one of the seven natural wonders of North America, watches over the floor from eye-view level. 

The casino also hosts an event center of 10,000 square feet where conferences, weddings, and concerts can be enjoyed.

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