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Grey Rock Casino Responsible Gaming



Our commitment to Responsible Gaming is a significant component of our operation. We value our customers and will help to ensure those who choose to participate in gambling activities are given the tools to make informed choices. We will also ensure the integrity of our gambling activities is protected.

Our framework for Responsible Gaming is founded on three priorities:

1. Corporate Dedication to Responsible Gaming
(a) Dedicated resources
(b) Funding

2. A Responsible Gaming Environment
(a) Training and education for all employees and business partners
(b) Establishing a Responsible Gaming Information Centre on site
(c) Creating a self-exclusion program
(d) Protecting and preventing minors from gambling (must be 19 or older to enter the casino and have valid ID)

3. Information and Education
(a) Responsible Gaming advertising
(b) Collaboration with Government and stakeholders
(c) Financial support for the Responsible Gambling Council research
(d) On-site information on Gambling

Responsible gaming is behaviour whereby the gambler:
• views gambling as entertainment with associated costs;
• sets a limit for the time and money spent and sticks to it; and
• recognizes that uncontrolled gambling can create problems for themselves, for others in their social network, and the community.

The Grey Rock Casino is committed to playing their role in providing a gaming experience that encourages responsible gaming amongst their patrons.

If you or someone you know is experiencing a problem with gambling we encourage you to visit the New Brunswick Department of Health website at:

Addictions and Mental Health (

Or Visit

RGIC (Responsible Gaming Information Centre) 
Office Hours 2pm to midnight 7 days per week

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